Pandemic Plot Twists

There’s never been a better time to get lost in a book.

“An ironic positive side effect of the pandemic is that people are falling back in love with reading,” said Alex Brubaker, manager of Harrisburg’s Midtown Scholar Bookstore. Continue reading Pandemic Plot Twists

Home Sweet Green Home

It was 1978. George Chorba was stuck waiting in a mile-long line of vehicles at the only gas station that still had fuel amid one of the Arab oil embargoes. He was in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., so, needless to say, it was hot.

“My pickup truck didn’t have air conditioning, and I remember looking up at the sun—I had certainly heard about solar—and I thought, ‘This solar stuff makes a whole lot of sense.’” Continue reading Home Sweet Green Home

DIY History Lesson

When Genevieve and Jason McNew were house hunting in 2005, they had one thing in mind. “We told our realtor, ‘Don’t show us anything unless it’s 100 years old or older,’” Jason recalls, and then he laughs. “But we didn’t quite know what we were getting into.” Continue reading DIY History Lesson

Plant Powered

How do you choose the food you eat? It may sound like a simple question, but how often do you truly evaluate your nutritional choices and diet? We talked to a number of Susquehanna Valley residents, including health and wellness professionals, who made significant changes by switching to vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based diets and lifestyles. Their anecdotes and results may surprise you. Continue reading Plant Powered

Hidden Treasures

Whether they were built in the 1700s, 1800s, or 1900s, Adams County’s homes and buildings are historic treasure troves. But it’s during the renovation process when surprises are often revealed: antiques are found tucked away in an attic, time capsules are discovered behind a wall, or buried treasure is literally uncovered in a yard. We went digging and found Adams County stories worthy of historical significance–and others that just make for colorful tales. Continue reading Hidden Treasures

Luxurious Living: It’s All About Water and Wine

One of the biggest indoor home design trends is officially “uncorked” in the Susquehanna Valley: Home wine cellars are adding value, beauty, and storage for wine collectors’ prized possessions. Outdoors, the trend is to turn backyards into beautiful, relaxing retreats complete with water features. Whether your idea of luxury includes wine or water, enjoy exploring dreamy, over-the-top options with local designers—who also provide down-to-earth, budget-friendly ways to incorporate these trends into your own home. Continue reading Luxurious Living: It’s All About Water and Wine

Old Meets New

Many Adams County home renovations merge with residents’ deep appreciation of history. “In the Borough of Gettysburg we have Civil War era homes that line our streets. Further out in the
country, there are beautiful farmscapes rich with all types of historic homes—not just Civil War homes but those going back to the 1700s,” says Anne Zabawa, president of Historic Gettysburg Adams County (HGAC). Continue reading Old Meets New