Karen Hendricks is an award-winning writer dedicated to honest, ethical journalism.

Accolades include:

1st place Keystone Award for Excellence in Journalism, Society of Professional Journalists, statewide among all Pennsylvania media, Blog Category, “Meet Jeff: Homeless no more,” 2022.

National Award, Society for Features Journalism, Short Feature Category (“tight, bright writing less than 1,000 words”), 2022, “Signs of the Times.”

I love listening to people,
putting myself in other people’s shoes,
asking thoughtful questions,
discovering previously-untold angles and stories,
giving a voice to the voiceless,
and touching readers’ hearts and minds
through compelling, moving stories
that are honest and real.

Karen’s bio can be summarized in four words:

Coffee. Run. Write. Repeat.

Karen Hendricks interviews Chad Eric Smith of Mural Arts Philadelphia

But if you want more details…

Karen’s first job in the news business began at the age of 12–as a “newspaper girl” slinging newspapers into driveways from her bike. Throughout her college years, she worked as a newspaper reporter, which provided the foundation for her journalism career. She earned a BA in Communications/Media Studies, with concentrations in Broadcast Journalism and Public Relations, plus a minor in English, from Lock Haven University.

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Karen has based her personal and professional home in Central Pennsylvania for more than 30 years. She worked in radio and television news, as marketing/PR director for an arts festival (where she earned international marketing/PR awards), and as a freelance marketing/PR professional.

For more than a decade, she’s been dedicated to the fine art of features journalism. Karen Hendricks’ work is published regularly in national and Mid-Atlantic-based magazines. She still loves to dabble in broadcasting via podcasting, live video interviews and multi-media projects.

As a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Karen strives to be ethical, accurate, fair and thorough in all she writes. She loves the journalism profession fiercely. Coffee too.

Karen considers her family and three mostly-grown children her brightest, best accomplishments. She’s been married to her college sweetheart for more than 30 years, and they enjoy traveling and exploring the natural treasures of our national and state parks. She’s also a “foodie” who enjoys cooking and gardening. Computer keyboards aren’t the only keyboards her fingers touch–Karen is also a classically-trained pianist. Personal achievements include running her first marathon in 2018, and running 50 races to benefit 50 causes when she was 50. Running often inspires “lightbulb” moments for Karen’s writing.

None of this would be possible without coffee.