Mural Mecca: How Philadelphia became “mural capital of the world.”

Chances are, when you think about Philadelphia, certain icons come to mind: Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, soft pretzels and cheesesteaks. You may even hear a strain of the theme song from “Rocky.”

But there’s one more colorful symbol to add to the list: murals. The organization Mural Arts Philadelphia is considered the nation’s largest public art program, credited with creating the world’s biggest outdoor art gallery—with a tally over 4,000. Continue reading Mural Mecca: How Philadelphia became “mural capital of the world.”

Where’s Waldo’s?

Chris Lauer decided to walk across the country.

The Minnesota native set off with not much more than a backpack and camping gear, bound for Philadelphia. But about 1,000 miles down the road, his four-month journey hit a snag on Route 30, in south-central Pennsylvania.

“I fell in love with Gettysburg and stayed,” Lauer said.

Continue reading Where’s Waldo’s?

Arts Aid

The financial picture is a little rosier today for capital region arts organizations.

Gov. Tom Wolf announced $20 million in grant funding Tuesday for the state’s cultural and arts institutions, including a combined $308,978 headed to eight Dauphin County organizations. Continue reading Arts Aid

Glorious Feeling

“Why does September seem sunny as spring?” asks one version of the classic Hollywood song, “Singin’ in the Rain.”

Stosh Snyder, whose favorite musical of all time is “Singin’ in the Rain,” likely has the answer. Continue reading Glorious Feeling

Mural Magic

Many of our Susquehanna Valley landscapes are simply breathtaking, adding natural beauty and color to our days. Now, thanks to grassroots community organizers, artists, supporters, and lots of vision, many of the Susquehanna Valley’s urban environments are being transformed into colorful, artistic landscapes just as worthy of our attention. We visited several local towns and cities where they’re taking art to a whole new level—street-level. Continue reading Mural Magic

History Meets the Arts

“It’s been a life-long fascination…I’ve been interested in American history from childhood–I followed it, studied it, and ultimately painted it… professionally, since 1963,” says artist David Wright, known as “the artist of the American frontier.” He makes interpreting history through a paintbrush sound easy–“I paint history,” Wright says. But the intriguing paintings captured on canvas only emerge after painstaking research. Continue reading History Meets the Arts