DIY History Lesson

When Genevieve and Jason McNew were house hunting in 2005, they had one thing in mind. “We told our realtor, ‘Don’t show us anything unless it’s 100 years old or older,’” Jason recalls, and then he laughs. “But we didn’t quite know what we were getting into.”

They were attracted to their Aspers, Adams County home because “it had a comforting feel, even with its quirks,” says Genevieve (Genny). “You could see the potential.” The front room, showcasing exposed, original log walls is what sold them. That, and the home’s cornerstone, bearing an elegant “1760” within the stone foundation. They believe it to be one of Adams County’s oldest homes.

“DIY History Lesson: Adams County Family Makes Memories Restoring Log Home,” Susquehanna Style, March 2020

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