On the Brink

After six or seven weeks in quarantine-land, I feel like I’m “on the brink.”

Some days it feels like I’m standing on the edge of a proverbial cliff, taking in the scenery of our new normal, and feeling pretty positive—counting my blessings, and processing it all with my feet firmly planted on solid footing. Other days, not so much. I could easily slide over the edge of that cliff, dragging my cabin with me—from the worst case of cabin fever ever. Continue reading On the Brink

COVID-19: No one is immune from the “new normal.”

You know the saying, “Truth is stranger than fiction?” It rings true as we live through this pandemic. Nothing feels “normal” although plenty of us are referring to our new daily routines as our “new normal.”

We are living in a gray area that a lot of us are calling “unprecedented.” Most of us are muddling through as best we can. I think one conclusion we can draw is that we’re all mourning the loss of control over our lives. It’s just that we’re expressing that loss in different ways. Continue reading COVID-19: No one is immune from the “new normal.”