In the Midst of a Challenge: Inspired Miles

Early March: The last “real race,” pre-pandemic, with run buds. I was honored to win a winter race series medal for my age group.

You know what they say about the best-laid plans.

And this year, 2020, is having a field day with those so-called best-laid plans.

I’m in the midst of a challenge (aren’t we all?) that turned out to be a bit more challenging than expected. I turned 50 in September of 2019 and I wanted to celebrate in a big way, a challenging way. I also wanted to give back and help others.

So for one year, I set out to run 50 races to benefit 50 causes while I’m 50. It’s a celebration of reaching this milestone year, a celebration of health and wellness, a celebration of grit and grace, and a celebration of love for worthy causes and those in need.

I thought I’d be running mostly 5K’s (insert laugh track here). And there were a bunch, to start.

But, with COVID-19 wreaking havoc with our best-laid plans, including live races, most running events have gone virtual. And lots of races have turned into months-long and miles-long challenges.

As I write this, I’ve completed 35 races. And I’m in the midst of:

  • One New York, running the length of New York state virtually (500K) to benefit COVID-19 relief efforts in NY
  • The Runnsylvania 283, running the length of PA, also virtually to benefit COVID-19 relief efforts
  • I pledged to run 50 of A Million Miles for Justice benefitting numerous Civil Rights causes including the national NAACP
  • Philadelphia 76 Challenge, tracking 76 miles of running in July to benefit Back on My Feet, a national program that’s headquartered in Philly, that helps the homeless–through the discipline and goal-setting of… running!

I never would have set out to accumulate so many miles, pre-pandemic. And honestly, without the pandemic, these challenges wouldn’t exist.

Running is a gift. And what a gift it’s turned out to be through this pandemic. It’s a time of therapy, goal-setting, exercise, endurance and escape.

I’d be honored if you followed my journey on Inspired Miles.

Stay tuned…



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