5 Ways NYC Inspires Writers, Marketers, PR Pros

Rose sculpture and city reflection, MoMA

By Karen Hendricks

What does the phrase “recharging my batteries” mean to you? I’d describe it as:

  • Needing a boost of energy; a fresh perspective
  • Seeking a change of scenery; a change of pace
  • Feeling the need to “get out of a rut”
  • Breaking free of schedules, calendars, or commitments
  • De-stressing

Visiting New York City always always recharges my batteries and leaves me energized, ready to tackle projects anew. During a recent visit to the Big Apple, I noted the top 5 ways that I believe NYC inspires those of us in the creative fields of writing, marketing or public relations:

  1. NYC inspires us to be more organized. Consider the intricate organization of Grand Central Station–the travelers flowing in and out of the station; the lists of trains, their numbers, their destinations; the precise times of train arrivals and departures; the network of hallways leading to platforms. It never ceases to amaze me. It’s like a work of art, just like the breath-taking ceiling within Grand Central. Or, simply take a walk through Manhattan and consider the traffic grid, the interweaving of streets and avenues, the synchronization of traffic lights, the ebb and flow of pedestrians.What an amazing patchwork of patterns. Surely, if NYC can connect its residents (8.4 million people) and visitors (50+ million annually) with their destinations… I can stay organized!
  2. New York inspires creativity. The juxtaposition of city life with nature always intrigues me. I cannot go to NYC without visiting Central Park for this reason. There is something about the urban landscape encircling Central Park’s lush green landscapes that captures and renews me. Experiencing nature always sparks renewal but it’s extra special within the hustle and bustle of the city. I’m moved by the beauty–of both nature and city landscapes–around me. There are millions of details within NYC waiting to be explored and experienced. New ideas and fresh perspectives always hit me in New York, plus reflecting on my experiences can trigger additional ideas.
  3. NYC encourages spontaneity. When I visit New York, my primary mode of transportation are my feet. Walking is the best way to explore the city because you’re at eye-level with all the activity. You never quite know what you’re going to see or hear around the next corner. It’s an experience for all of your senses actually. If something or someone catches your eye, it’s a reason to be spontaneous and cross the street, duck into a coffee shop, strike up a conversation, explore a business, walk through a park, etc. Being spontaneous puts you back in touch with your instincts, leads to surprises, and brings unexpected joy. It’s a great lesson to be open, more of the time. It reminds me of the quote to enjoy the journey more and not be so focused on the destination.
  4. Be curious. How often do we truly nurture ourselves? In New York, there are infinite opportunities to learn, enrich, and educate ourselves. I enjoy learning new things, visiting new museums, and expanding my horizons every time I’m in NYC. The number of museums is staggering. But museums aren’t the only conduits for enrichment–there are tours, conferences, and many other outlets for learning. We all have subjects that relate to our professional or personal lives, that speak to us. This learning process sparks newfound appreciations, new questions, and enriches our spirits.
  5. NYC inspires us to be more detail-oriented. When I’m in New York, I feel more alive. I know I’m not alone! Surrounded by stimulation, busyness, movement, an ever-changing landscape, it can be overwhelming at times. There are countless details–too many to catch them all. But if I can enjoy and focus on the key details that strike me, surely I can be inspired to let this carry over into my everyday professional life, and be more conscientious and detail-oriented.

Enjoy the photos that inspired this post, below! Click on any photo to open a slideshow:


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