Do Small Things with Great Love


By Karen Hendricks

Happy Mother’s Day to all women who combine motherhood with careers, leadership, and mission. What do I mean by mission? Finding your calling, your talents, your gifts–and using them to the best of your ability to make a difference in the lives of those around you, in your family, in your community, in your career.

About a week ago, I experienced an incredible, inspiring evening with author Jen Hatmaker. If you don’t know who she is, let me introduce you! I am still thinking about and savoring the words and stories she shared to about a thousand women at West Shore Evangelical Free Church, Mechanicsburg PA.

I tend to blend church, career, mission, and calling into one central guiding principle: LIFE

And so does Jen Hatmaker.

"Belong" with Jen Hatmaker, April 30, 2016
“Belong” with Jen Hatmaker, April 30, 2016

For starters, here’s what she has to say about words and writing:

“I love writing. Words are my first love, because they matter. Words actually change lives, move people, sustain us. They take us to another world when we need to go and bring us home when we need to come back. Whatever you need, words can deliver: laughter, solidarity, encouragement, thrill, courage, silliness, spirit. I have been a reader and writer my entire life, and every single day I marvel that I get to make a living with words. I hope to use them for beauty and Jesus and life. I hope to make them count.”

Some of her most inspiring words last week, to our community of women, came at just the right time to deliver an empowering, inspiring message to moms for Mother’s Day:

“Most of us, during our lifetime as women, will do small things. That’s the reality. But we can do small things, with great love.”

“Play your one note God gives you to play (using your gift, your talent, your calling). Don’t worry about the notes other people are playing, or if someone has the fancy beautiful high note. Just play your one note, and if we all play, it will turn into a beautiful song.”

“As a mom, let go of what you expected and embrace what you have.”

Jen believes this is a tremendous time in history for women in leadership positions. As a parent, Jen believes the three most important messages to impart upon our children are:

  • 1 – Be kind
  • 2 – Be you
  • 3 – Love Jesus

Happy Mother’s Day… think intentionally about doing small things with great love… and enjoy making your words count.

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