Sunday Brunchin’

Sunday brunch is much more than a meal—it’s a state of mind, a respite, a soul-quenching experience that powers us through the rest of our week. And it supports local small businesses, many of them highlighted in this piece. Sundays offer a chance to slow down and savor life—savoring not only great flavors, but time with friends and loved ones. Sunday is a time to linger. During the week, lunch starts precisely at 12 noon. But on Sundays, brunch blurs the lines between 10 a.m. and 2-ish. Brunch is not simply a meal to eat. It’s savoring and indulging.

Now let’s merge Sunday brunch with another Sunday classic: a Sunday drive to a Susquehanna Valley destination. Taking a Sunday drive, a little jaunt or journey, is a lost art that perhaps we all should rediscover. Here are 10 Sunday brunch destinations—some are hidden gems off-the-beaten-path, others offer a respite in a gorgeous location, some are within walking distance of additional attractions, and some will transport you to another place in time—but all will nourish your soul.

“Sunday Brunchin’: Brunch Destinations to Satisfy Your Soul,” Susquehanna Style, May 2020

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