Silver Spoon 2019 Awards


From American classic, to old Hollywood glam, the 2019 Silver Spoon Award winners have more than great food.

Susquehanna Style’s Silver Spoon Awards honor favorite area restaurants for their fine dining experiences—primarily the delicious, unique flavors captured and savored on those silver spoons.  But the aesthetics of a space are often a big draw too.

“A restaurant’s interior and ambiance greatly affect our dining experiences,” says Alison McIndoe, principal at AK Interiors. “When we eat, we use all of our senses; taste is the obvious, but beyond that we use our sight, smell, touch and even hearing. Our surroundings are part of that sensory experience.”

Here, we highlight 10 Silver Spoon-winning restaurants from the 2019 lineup with especially tasteful interiors.

“Silver Spoon 2019 Awards: Feast Your Eyes on This,” Susquehanna Style, December 2019

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