Make a List!

By Karen Hendricks


Want to write a catchy blog post? An article with high readership? A press release that gets picked up? Write it in list format!

That’s right–write it in list format and be sure to include a number in the headline. It’s one of the most successful formats today because the number helps to grab our attention. Who doesn’t have time to take in 5 tips, 10 strategies, 7 ideas?

It’s important that the “tips” be written in a succinct style for easy readability, with the information sumarized in a handful of sentences. It’s the perfect style of writing for today’s quick-paced lifestyle and our short attention spans.

This marketing concept has carried over into a lot of my freelance writing lately! See which headlines grab your attention:

40 Smart Resources for Adult Classes: Learn how you can further your education into adulthood, Susquehanna Style, August 2018

Adams County’s Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2018, Celebrate Gettysburg, May/June 2018

Dine Around the World in 35 Local RestaurantsSusquehanna Style, May 2018, Susquehanna Style, April 2018

25 Hot Spots to Dine Out(doors)Susquehanna Style, April 2018

20 Ways to Go Wild in Central PA: Discover adventure at any age in local nature centers, wildlife sanctuaries and more, Susquehanna Style, April 2018

Happy reading–and list-making!

If you need help with your business’ writing–starting a blog or maintaining it, writing and sending compelling eNewsletters, or skillfully writing and planning social media campaigns, we are here to help!

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